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The new generation of Band Sawmills with power and capacity.


B1001 is the largest of Logosol´s Band Sawmills. The model is Swedish made and offers a revolutionary design. Logs up  to 1001mm diameter  can be processed on this sawmill. A unique height adjustment of the sawhead enables you to cut with precision every time.

Logosol B1001 is an extremely stable Band Sawmill that gives a high capacity. The sturdy rail is designed to be able to handle the weight of logs up to 1001mm in diameter with a good margin.

Simple adjustments

The B1001 is easier to setup and use compared to similar brands in the same class. An big advantage is the height adjustment which is adjusted by fixed steps. That ensures that you make a quick and exact adjustment of the sawhead every time. A full turn is always 1” and you add another 1/8” for the kerf. On the scale of the height adjustment there is a Last Cut-Indicator that saves where your last cut was made which works as a clear reference before the next cut is made. That allows you to work quickly and comfortably with an accurate cutting result.

Powerful log clamps

The log clamps are equipped with sturdy handles and a robust design which ensures that the log is held in place with a great deal of force without leaving deep marks in the wood. They work equally well on round logs as well as on a square block that is cut into boards.

Reliable rail

A standard equipped B1001 can cut logs up to 4.8m in length and up to 1001mm in diameter. If longer lengths are needed the rail can be extended to the desirable length. The sturdy rail and log bed is designed to be placed on the ground. If the sawmill needs to be moved it can be loaded on a normal braked trailer and towed to the location where it will be used.


A pipe construction for the rail optimises the torsional stiffness which gives you a fairly light but robust rail that remains straight even when heavy logs are loaded on to it.


The bandwheels are made out of alloy and are combined fan wheels that cool the sawbade and work as an air braker. The fan wheels blow the sawdust out of the cover and help keep the sawhead clean which is an advantage when changing the blade or when other maintenance services are made on the machine.

Power adds capacity

The powerful motors give you extra capacity. The petrol version is 23hp and the electric version is 12kW 3-phase 400V. The 23hp petrol engine from Briggs & Stratton is Japanese made and for professional usage.
The electric motor is highly efficient and can give close to dual power output during the cutting operation if necessary.


The Logosol LM410 XL Log House Moulder fits the rail of the B1001 and is available in either a petrol or electric version. The cutter block is 410mm wide which allows for profiling large log house beams or just planing square beams. Extensions and other accessories can upgrade the B1001 to suit your business.

Prepared for automation

The Logosol Smart Set is a completely new way of controlling the sawmilling for sawmills in this class. Instead of outdated and expensive hydraulics the Logosol Smart Set is built from smart electric motors and a modern user interface where you can completely control your sawmill digitally. It has precision down to a hundreths of a millimeter.

The first step is the automatic feeding and height adjustment of the sawhead. From that you can add on the rest of the log handling functions as you go.

During the last two years Logosol has been developing this system from the ground up to revolutionise and simplify sawmilling for customers around world.

The Logosol Smart Set will be launched in 2018 and can be added to every B1001 Band Sawmill.

Ready to go

The Logosol B1001 is a very competent Band Sawmill. The sawhead is delivered pre-assembled and comes with a detailed user and assembly manual. You only have to assemble the rail and then you are ready to start production which makes the setup time quick. The B1001 comes with a sawblade, two log clamps, adjustable feet, two log rests, water cooling, adjustable blade guides and the Logosol safety package with the 2-year manufacturing warranty and free support.


• Powerful motor/engine options. The petrol version is 23hp and the electric version is 12kW.
• Reliable rail with a pipe construction that remains straight even under a heavy load.
• Pre-assembled sawhead and simple setup. Adjustable feet are included.
• Standard cutting length is 4.8m. If you need to cut longer logs you can add extensions
• Robust and solid. A stable construction that gives you a fantastic sawing result.
• The best manual height adjustment of the sawhead on the market. The sawhead is adjusted with fixed steps. A full turn is always 1” and you add another 1/8” for the kerf.
• Last-Cut Indicator on the scale for the height adjustment gives you a reference for the next cut.
• Two log clamps are included  that fixes the log against to the log rests without leaving deep marks in the wood.
• Exact blade guides that you´ll only see on larger or more expensive Band Sawmills.
• Developed from the ground up. Intergrated functions gives a clean design.
• Patented bandwheels in alloy work as combined fan wheels that cool the sawblade and works as an air braker. This helps keep the cover clean from sawdust and if you connect a chip extractor the work site will also be a lot cleaner. This is a big advantage especially when you are changing blades or doing maintenance service on the sawmill.
• More Smart sets are being developed and some are launched in 2018.



Technical data

Max. Log diameter: 1001mm
Max. Cutting width: 850mm
Max. Cutting length: 4.8m
Min. Thickness on the last board: 24mm


Motor alternatives
Petrol Motor: 23hp
Electric Motor: 12kW 3-phase 400V 50hz

Width: 33mm
Rotational speed: 30 m/s

Diameter: 500mm
Maintenace free bearings
Integrated fan for cooling and effective cleaning of the cover.


30-tägiges Proberecht

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2 Jahre Garantie

Für alle bei Logosol gekauften Produkte gilt eine Garantiefrist von zwei Jahren. Ausgenommen sind Verschleißteile wie z.B. Führungsschienen und Sägeketten. Wenden Sie sich im Schadensfall an uns.


Schnelle Lieferungen

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Lebenslänglicher Service

Unbegrenzter telefonischer Kundendienst über Eigenschaften und Anwendungen des Produkts.


Lange Erfahrung

Ihnen steht die 20 jährige Erfahrung des Marktführers für Holzveredelung in kleineren und mittleren Serien zur Verfügung


Persönlicher Service

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Art. Nr
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B1001 Bandsägewerk mit 23 PS Benzinmotor
9.380,00 €
B1001 Bandsägewerk mit 12 kW Elektromotor
9.380,00 €
Preise exklusive Mehrwertsteuer & Fracht Preise inkl. Mwst anzeigen

Zwei Jahre Garantie

Die Garantie umfasst Fertigungsfehler sowie Fehler, die bei normaler Anwendung der Produkte entstehen. Die Garantie gilt nicht für Verschleißteile.

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